20 and Engaged with Diabetes

I’ve been feeling, well, not the greatest lately. Actually, the problem started about 2 1/2 years ago, when I noticed myself gaining weight rapidly. I’ve been active all my life, and been relatively thin. I was 5’5 and weighed 130-135 pounds for a while. I cheered up until the second to last semester of high school.

First I thought it was the freshman 15, but 15 turned into 20, 25, and 30 quickly. I was concerned, as my eating habits didn’t change much, and I kept active, walking at least 2 miles a day on campus. Stress did set in when my mom got sick and when I was out of work, but nothing quite explained why I couldn’t lose weight.

Along the years, more strange things happened. My fatigue was almost unbearable. Acne set in. I passed out in my room 1 day and at work another day. My body was ballooning and I was beginning to look like a pregnant woman. Something wasn’t right, but the doctors kept ignoring me. They ran the same tests, if they ran any at all. Threw medication at me or just brushed me off and sent me home.

Friday, I went to the doctor for some joint pain and flared up acne. My weight was shockingly 195 pounds. Excuse me? What are you talking about? When did that happen? I don’t eat bad. I’ve reduced my red meat consumption and replaced it with chicken. I moved to a townhouse with stairs. Little things, but come on! So I made a follow up appointment Monday to check me for Cushing’s syndrome and PCOS. Something had to be wrong. Monday when I checked in, another 3 pounds presented itself.

So I got some tests ran, and one of them was my fasting glucose. Most of my tests were normal. I wasn’t too concerned with the glucose test. My score was 136; normal range for fasting should’ve been between 70-99. I was diabetic.

I was frustrated, sad, confused. Diabetes runs in my family, and my race does put me at greater risk. But why did it take them so long to figure this out? It does, however, explain so many of the symptoms I’ve been feeling. Part of me was mad at myself, feeling as though I jinxed it, because I was talking about diabetes not even a week prior.

So here I am, nervous, frustrated, and still waiting for a few more tests to come back. So many things have to change. Weight loss has been my biggest goal, especially for the wedding. I refuse to hit the 200 pound mark. I’m already in the obese category according to my BMI. I need to get a glucose test meter, pretty much replace the food in my cabinets and fridge. Look for healthy alternatives, and just all out change my lifestyle.

Diabetes is scary, especially being so young. I’m glad we found out what was wrong but now it’s time to make it right. Does anyone in your family have diabetes? How are they dealing with it?

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  1. Hello, I found your blog from your post on Black and Married with Children entitled, “Using Your Five Senses.” I have truly enjoyed reading your blog posts thus far and this post really hit home with me. I too have recently discovered some health issues and realize I need to change my diet. Your post gives me hope and reminds me its not too late to turn things around and to make my health more of a priority.

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