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Great Wedding Dresses for Every Body Type

There will be no bigger day where all eyes are on you than your wedding day.  In order to look your best it is important to find the best dress for your body type.  You may love a certain style of dress on the hanger or on someone else, only to find that it doesContinue Reading

How to Choose a Ring She Will Love

The story of the wedding ring begins long ago in North Africa. Ancient Egyptians, living along the green flood plains of the river Nile, used vegetation found on the banks to first create this circular symbol of love. Reeds, rushes, papyrus, and other plants were carefully braided into rings and bracelets. These rings, however, wereContinue Reading

Where Do You Take Wedding Style Inspiration?

When it comes to dressing up for big occasions – be they weddings, birthday parties, significant retirements or anniversaries, hell, even a big date – where do you turn? We want to make the most of our own body shape and personality but we’re also natural copycats (its biological; we learn that way!). So howContinue Reading