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10 Creative Ways to Finance Your Wedding

A wedding is one of life’s most precious and memorable moments. But while the day itself is one of joy and new beginnings, paying for the wedding of your dreams can be a tall order. As well as the expense of a dress, the cake, the cars and the flowers, you may also want a lavish honeymoon. And when you factor in all the smaller details of the big day – including favours, suits, food and entertainment – the bill can be substantial. Whether you are planning your own wedding or that of your children, there are 10 very inventive ways of financing a day to remember.

1. Release some equity in your home

The difference between what you owe on your home and its current market value is your equity. Some banks will consider lending you money based on the market valuation, but you will need to secure your home against it. You may just be sitting on enough hidden value in your property to realise your dreams of a lavish wedding.

2. Unsecured loans

While the cost of personal loans is relatively high, they can be useful if you are in need of quick finance to pay for wedding expenses in a hurry, including the hiring of a Church, paying for the wedding cars or putting down a deposit at the reception venue – all of which can be time sensitive.

3. Cash gifts from friends and family

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to secure finances for your wedding is through cash gifts. Your friends and family can provide you with up to £3,000 in tax-free gifts, which may be part of a future inheritance or in lieu of a gift on the day. And to make the process easier, there are some innovative online services that make giving cash donations simple and quick.

4. Crowdfunding

It seems that crowdfunding is being used to fund just about anything these days, including lavish weddings. Whether you target friends and family through popular crowdfunding sites or offer invitations to the big day in return for donations, this could be a great way of securing the finance you need without getting yourself into debt.

5. Peer to peer loans

Whether you want your wedding finances in a hurry or you’re looking for a more favourable interest rate than that you have been offered by traditional banks, a peer to peer lender may be able to provide you with a low cost loan for the big day. Unlike most standard personal loans, you have the option of paying down your debt early in order to save on interest, and there are no early redemption penalties to worry about. Some lenders are offering loans of up to £15,000, which could be the difference between making compromises and having the wedding you have always dreamed about.

6. Endorse your chosen suppliers

If you are open to the possibility of companies advertising during your big day, you may be able to secure extra funding or discounts. For instance, allowing your photographer to erect some advertising signage could shave off several hundred pounds from your final bill. Or agreeing to having your wedding filmed by the reception venue for future promotional activity could also bring down the cost.

7. Pay as you go

A lot of people make the mistake of taking out high-interest loans to pay for a wedding, which usually results in the total cost of their big day being significantly increased. However, if you are prepared to take your time looking for bargains, paying for aspects of the wedding in instalments and compromising on certain areas of your big day, paying as you go could make your money go further.

8. Alternative investments

If you are prepared to put up with the increased level of risk that comes with many alternative investments, you could grow your capital significantly in just a few years. Investing in a venture capital trust, diamonds, gold or emerging business opportunities could give you the extra money you need to create a wedding day to remember.

9. Haggle for the best deal

Times are hard for businesses these days, and the increasingly competitive nature of wedding planning may work in your favour. Don’t be afraid to negotiate over price, and threaten to take your business elsewhere when it is appropriate – you might be surprised at just how much suppliers will shave off their original quotes.

10. Get away from it all

A great way to cut costs is to book a wedding abroad on an all-inclusive basis. Not only will this add an exotic dimension to your big day, it will save you the cost of a honeymoon. Your guest list will be smaller, but many tour operators offer will offer subsidised deals on travel and accommodation for friends and family.

Whether you go down the road of wedding loans or innovative investment opportunities, some careful planning and sound financial management will guarantee a wedding day that will never be forgotten.

Bringing the Shine Back Into Your Wedding Ring

The shine hasn’t gone out of your marriage but your rings just don’t have the same luster they held on your wedding day. The good news is that taking care of your diamond rings is not as difficult as you might think. The following practices will help you care for your rings, make them shine again, and restore that gorgeous sheen.

wedding ring

Checking the Setting:

Get in the habit of checking your diamonds regularly to make sure that they are secure in each setting. Periodically take your rings to the jeweller to have them checked (about once or twice a year) and have them professionally cleaned.

Cleaning Your Diamond Rings:

Contact with household products, makeup, skin creams, and oil will create a residue on your jewellery causing them to appear dull and aged. Clean your rings regularly with a very soft toothbrush, liquid dish soap, diluted ammonia, or a window-cleaning solution, then rinse and wipe with a clean lint-free cloth.

Caring for Your Diamonds:

Although diamonds, like those found in the gorgeous settings from Michael Hill, are known as the toughest gem around… they can and do chip. Remember to remove your diamond jewellery when performing tough jobs (such as working in the garden). Always store your diamonds away from other stones that may cause them to become scratched. Avoid direct contact with chlorine bleach and strong detergents, as harsh chemicals can discolour (and damage) ring settings.

Storing your Diamonds:

Always store your rings in separate cases or compartments, in cloth jewellery pouches, or wrap them in tissue paper in individual boxes kept in a safe place. Diamonds not only scratch other jewellery, they are capable of scratching other diamonds. Avoid placing your ring on the side of the sink; countless rings have slipped into basins and down drain holes!

Having your Rings Insured:

It is worth adding a ‘rider’ to your rent or homeowner’s insurance policy, or have your rings ensured through a special policy that covers precious jewels. Read the fine print and make certain that you are covered for loss, theft, and damage. You will need to have your jewellery appraised by a certified specialist who assesses each ring’s unique qualities. It’s a good idea to take close up photos of your rings, and be aware that security systems in the home and laser inscriptions may help you qualify for insurance discounts.

Protecting from Loss:

Remember when you are swimming, bathing, washing, and traveling that your fingers may shrink slightly in size, increasing the likelihood that your rings might slip off. Develop a habit of placing your jewelry in a designated place when you take them off at home. While travelling, always put your rings in a safe within the hotel.

Preserving and Adding to your Rings:

Your wedding rings are amongst your most cherished possessions. Like marriage, your jewellery needs to be cared for and nurtured to insure that it retains its worth and increases in value over the decades. And, as the years pass you may want to add an anniversary ring to complement their beauty!

Kick-start Your Marriage in a Top Honeymoon Destination

There is no better way to way to finalise your perfect wedding day than knowing that soon you will be setting off for some blissful time away together with your newlywed husband or wife.

This is a chance for you to embrace the romance, take a load off your mind and relax, starting your married life together with a heavenly break away.

Whether you opt for a staycation in Australia or you choose to travel abroad we have some fantastic destinations for you to consider

Here are our top 3 hottest honeymoon destinations for 2014:

Haymand Island, Australia

Now you may be looking to get a bit further away from home for your honeymoon, Australia is a hot spot for newlyweds looking for romance and adventure.

One such destination is the fantastic Hayman Island in the Whitsunday Islands. Deep within the Great Barrier Reef this fantastic isle is quite a spectacle and of course, this means it also provides you with the exciting opportunity to do a bit of snorkeling or scuba diving during your stay taking a look at some of our nation’s most vibrant wildlife.

Further to this, you can both unwind with a dreamy ocean massage afloat on the calm waters of the Coral Sea or even spend a romantic day on the beautifully clear sands of Whitehaven Beach.

With all this and more to offer the perfect honeymoon getaway could be right on your doorstep.

Maalifushi, Maldives

Whilst the Maldives may be typical honeymoon territory there is of course a reason for this. When it comes to a dreamy seascape in a remote location there is no other contenders that do it with quite as much beauty.

The Maalifushi complex opening in March this year offers 17 stilted bungalows all perfectly positioned to catch a glorious view of those Maldivian sunsets.

snorkeling is also on offer here too with a resident marine biologist sure to give you a helping hand. The waters are truly beautifully for they are crystal clear and the coral is simply untouched.

Your stay in one of these luxury bungalows also entitles you to direct access to the private pool, lagoon and sundeck

Luxury Safari, Zambia

Safari keeps on getting more glamorous and with some truly spectacular places to stay in Africa there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a truly wild honeymoon!

The fantastic Chimzombo located in Zambia could be the perfect base for your romantic safari. With guides who will go above and beyond the call of duty and some amazing suites Chimzombo provides some of the most outstanding accommodation in South Luangwa.

If wildlife and private plunge pools aren’t enough of an attraction then the gorgeous African sunsets should win you over!

These are simply just three glorious and very different honeymoon destinations, there are plenty more places of beauty for you to enjoy across the globe. Travel to to find even more romantic locations and gain help planning your ideal post-wedding getaway.