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3 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay-at-home mom means working all day with the kids and supplementing that with some additional income. In these situations, employment must be flexible enough to work around kids’ schedules while also being steady enough to add to the household financials.

Work as a Freelancer

The work isn’t glamorous nor is it always the best paying. However, working as a freelance writer, artist, or photographer can give you the freedom to work in the field where you excel while still focusing on your family. With the rise of the e-society, freelance work has become increasingly accessible. One of the best ways to get work is to do work. For writers, Upwork is a great resource. For those with an IT background, Sologig can help you find some work. Finally, there are more generalized websites that incorporate multiple different areas where companies are looking for contract workers that fit their needs. Having a portfolio of your work available for prospective clients can also help snag that position that looks great.

Become a Children’s Party Planer

Think about all the times that you’ve wanted to have your kid’s party at your house or a park but had no interest in planning it. All moms feel this way, meaning that there’s a market for children’s party planners. If you’re already a mom, you’ve got a built-in clientele of playground friends, local friends, and school friends from which to pull. In addition, going to local libraries or kid-friendly businesses and asking to leave cards or fliers can help find clients. As a parent, you already know kids’ likes and the current kid trends. Startup costs can range depending on what services you want to provide. The good thing is that you can start out small and then move into more sophisticated services as you build a stronger clientele. Meeting with entertainers takes some work, but often local clown, magicians, and storytellers will be more than willing to work with you so that they can also broaden their connections. For people who are organized and love throwing parties, this job can be not just an income but a calling.

Open a Beauty Business

Although the beauty business is increasingly male, women still dominate the market. If you’re looking for something that is both fun and takes up little space in your home, opening a beauty business is the best route. Miskn, beauty business offering pigmentation removal in Perth, Australia, is a good example of a successful business model. Focusing on women as its main audience, independent of age and needs, the business doesn’t fall short when it comes to transforming local factors into opportunities. MIskn’s success lies in its branding. Once you source successful products like Miskn’s Lycogel and Medik8, the key is to tell your own story. Focus on public relations and marketing to build your clientele. With the ability to work after traditional business hours in a market on the rise, this might one of the least considered but most profitable options.


Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean being unable to bring in an income. In order to be a successful work-at-home mom, however, you need to find the right career path for yourself that matches your family’s needs.

10 Entertaining Time Wasters

You’ve found yourself with a few minutes (or hours) to spare. You’re waiting for your husband to come home… you’re lounging at home together on a long weekend afternoon… or you’re looking for a way to blow off steam… in need of some entertainment. Get ready to goof off with any one of the following 10 free online “time wasters”.


1. Stripgenerator:

No, not that kind… this website helps you to create your own comic strip. You can use a variety of objects and caricatures to express what’s going on in your life. Then, if you are ready for a little extra adventure, you can have your strip-blog content highlighted on Stripgenerator’s homepage.

2. LivePlasma:

LivePlasma provides a great way for silver screen buffs and music lovers alike to discover new songs and movies by developing layouts. Customize maps based on your own unique interests and favourites.


Create a totally unique profile pic using With’s simple photo editor applications, you can quickly edit photos and create collages. Transform any one of your photographs into a Warhol-style cartoon caricature.

4. Play Some Bingo:

Love playing Bingo? Take a look at some great games for bingo lovers. Remember how much fun you use to have playing Bingo with your friends, when you were a kid? Now you can play the adult way… have fun and possibly win some cool prizes!

5. Cracked:

Totally cracked, this online magazine (a former Mad Magazine competitor) provides a zany collection of stories, videos, and lists that will keep you doubled over with laughter while you fritter away the minutes.

6. Pogo:

Pogo offers a wide selection of old-school favourites. Games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Dominos will keep you busy for hours. If you’re not into board play, there are some great card games and puzzles.

7. Funny Typos:

Typos is another terrific time waster… poking fun at those with language foibles… grammar nerds need to get set for ours of fun!

8. Omegle:

How about a random natter? Visit Omegle and interact in a haphazard online chat with a total stranger. This site lends itself to completely incomprehensible possibilities…there’s no telling who your next conversation buddy may be.

9. Virtual NES:

Retro Nintendo at its best! Bring back memories and Mario favourites by simply switching over to new-school keyboard Virtual NES commands. There’s no stopping you now. Sit back, relax, and relive some timeless moments.

10. Falling Sand Game:

While it may look simple, the Falling Sand Game is ideal for shaking off extra time. Take some virtual water, sand, oil, and salt (streaming down from the sky), construct walls, build fires, then insert plant materials and watch the fun begin. This site is highly addictive… by inserting additional elements and manipulating them, it’s possible to create several colourful structures, complex systems, and designs.

This top 10 list is just a sampling of the most entertaining online time-wasters. What others would you add to the list? No matter what, you’re certain to find the perfect way to pass those seemingly endless moments.

Married to Your Spouse or Married to Your Career

I’ve always been an ambitious girl. In the first grade, I decided I was going to be a business executive before I even knew what it meant. I also had dreams of being a lawyer. I changed my mind after my mom’s coworker, who was studying for the bar, let me borrow a law book she was using in school. The large encyclopedia-esque book full of cases intimidated me. I read a novel in which the main character was a public relations pro. From the age of 15 I decided that would be my career. I worked actively toward it, teaching myself as much as I could about it.

In school, I’ve always been the hardest on myself. My fourth grade teacher gave me all 4s (equivalent to As) and 1 3 (the equivalent to B) to make sure I wouldn’t slack off. I worked vigorously at everything I did. Although I wasn’t a brainiac (I only got straight A’s once, in my senior year), I was smart, and hard working. I was an overachiever, especially in high school. Honors, AP and college courses. 0 period and multiple extra-curriculars along with executive board positions. I applied for multiple colleges. I held a job. I wanted to be above average.

I worked feverishly to attempt to get the career I always wanted, the recognition I longed for. I was an intern for more than 15 companies, the majority being non-paid. Then a family death, a bout with depression, and inevitable burn out left me to crash and burn. I then focused more on my relationship, and on myself, trying to figure out if the things I originally worked for were really things I wanted.

I always wondered if you really had to choose whether you were going to be married to your spouse or married to your career. I didn’t understand why people just couldn’t do both. My parents worked and seemed to be in happy relationships. Looking back, I now realize they weren’t married to their work. With the exception of my stepdad, my parents couldn’t bring their work home. My mom is a police dispatcher, and my dad and stepmom are both police sergeants. Crime keeps going, but when you’re home, you’re home. My stepdad, a computer engineer, often brought work home, and introduced me to the computer, Internet, and all it had in store. But he wasn’t exactly married to his job. He always made time for us.

Fast forward, and I’ve found that I can make a career into what I’ve always been passionate about: the Internet. I’m on the computer between 8-14 hours a day. It’s not only for leisure, but it’s also my way of making money. As an Internet entrepreneur, it’s hard to get much work done unplugged. I try to explain this to my husband but don’t think he quite gets it. Diving into my work is a way for me to stay busy, and it’s really a habit now. I’m not addicted to the computer like I was when I started my first blog at 9 years old. I can turn it off and forget about it for hours at a time, but I do stay on it for double that time.

My husband has been making a joke the past few years that the computer sucks me in. He hasn’t said it, but I know he sometimes feels I spend more time on the computer than with him. I sometimes feel its unfair because it’s not like I’m on Farmville or breeding zombies or whatever the heck people are doing. Sure I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ but it’s not just for fun; it’s my job. I’m a social media coordinator. My job involves social media. I’m a freelance writer. I type much faster than I write. Just like he has hours at work, so do I. Sure, I can alter mine, but I’d like to go to sleep when he does. So while his shift is 6am-2pm lately, Frankie wakes me up at 7am, and I work until I can’t work anymore. I agree, I need a shut off time but does it have to be when he wants it?

I’m finding it hard to find a balance being a newlywed Internet entrepreneur, giving myself and my husband what we both need, which is time with each other. How do you balance work and marriage (or relationships)? Post originally published July 12, 2011.