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2012 Recap

We have arrived at the final day of 2012. This has been quite the year for everyone as far as I know. A lot has happened to/for me/us. January The Suze Orman fiasco started the year off with a bang. Her Approved Card was denied by personal finance bloggers everywhere. We gave our 30 dayContinue Reading

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Up

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been sort of MIA, checking in when I thought I was on the verge of the dreaded D word. So I took a bit of pressure off myself to really focus on what was going on and what could (or couldn’t be fixed). “I wanna readContinue Reading

How Focusing On Myself May Make or Break My Marriage

November has been one of the most tumultuous months I’ve encountered in a while. Really, the past 2 months have been. It’s been constant back and forth and bickering and disagreeing, and not talking, and it’s been so ridiculously stressful. I’ve been pretty miserable to say the least. It’s just been really hard trying to getContinue Reading