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The Best Ways To Get A Loan With Bad Credit

When you have poor spending habits, you may be convinced that you could never get a loan with bad credit. But that canard does not have to be true. A bad credit score, even one below 600, does not have to keep you out of the market for personal loans. It just means you might have to pay a bit more to access that money.

Brick and Mortar

Your first move should be to visit your local credit union. When you are looking to get a loan with bad credit, online lenders are going to be ineffective. Credit unions are more likely to be able to provide you with financing. If you work with a federal credit union, the top annual interest rate the institution can charge you is 18%.

No doubt, you will pay more than the average person, since you have poor credit.

No Payday Loans

Payday loans may look like an easy fix, but you need to beware of the terms. Many payday loans can trap borrowers in a cycle of getting money and then being behind on APRs of 500% or 1000% (yes, you read that right), which is a recipe for financial disaster.

Alternative Lenders

When you do start looking online for help, there are alternative lenders out there that have very low minimum credit score requirements or sometimes no minimum score requirement. Upstart is a company that focuses on college educated borrowers. It targets those with high levels of academic and professional achievement, even if the credit is suspect.

Find a Co-Signer

Perhaps you have a relative or friend with good credit that would be willing to co-sign on a loan. Some lenders give the co-signers early warning on missed payments or a grace period to pay back the loan. But you need to be very sure that you can handle the responsibility when you get others to vouch for you.

Build Up Your Score

All of these options are good of you want to get a loan with bad credit. But the ultimate solution will be to raise your credit score. Looking to curb your spending, pay your bills on time and consolidate expensive debt in order to pay it off quicker. That will be your most sustainable route to getting the financing that you need to live your best financial life.

When you want to get a loan with bad credit, you want to do as much research as possible and explore every avenue. And if you can, try your best to build a better credit score, so that you can improve your loan opportunities even more and get lower interest rates.

What to consider when buying a property

Buying a property is a fantastic opportunity to invest your money in something that will build wealth over time. Over the long term, buying is cheaper than renting and you’ll be glad you did it. It’ll also be an opportunity to create a home for you and your family, making your mark and creating a space you enjoy spending time in – something you also don’t always get from renting.

If you’re new to house hunting, or even a seasoned veteran of the property market, there are always a few things worth taking into consideration that will aid you in finding your perfect home. Check out these great tips below:

Shop around

The best place to start looking for a new home is online. There are a number of great sites and apps available that will help you get started on your great house hunt. Once you decided on where you want to start viewing it’ll be important to get the estate agents to work in your favour. Get them onside and you’ll find out more information than the average buyer, who to them are just a dime a dozen. Be the best house buyer you can be.

Visit multiple times

When you go to view a property it is a good idea to arrive early. It is definitely beneficial to explore the local area before you decide if this is the house for you. You will also be able to take your time when viewing the property. Consider also viewing the property at a different time of day, if not to see the interior again, then to see what the area is like in the evening. If it’s an area with lots of bars and restaurants then it could be quite noisy in the evening.

If you view a property that you instantly fall in love with, your judgement may be clouded after just one viewing. It may be easy to forget to ask the important questions and to overlook critical details. Consider taking an experienced buyer with you at least once to make sure that your viewings are productive.

Talk to the neighbours

Provided you make it through the rigmarole of house hunting, with endless viewings in all the locations you might want to consider, then you’ll have hopefully found your ideal home. But there are a few other things to consider than just the property you’re about to buy.

By talking to the surrounding neighbours you are not only able to find out a lot about the neighbourhood. Ask about the pros and cons of the area. There are a number of tools and apps available online that can help you find out about the area and its crime rate, proximity to restaurants and entertainment, and other useful information but nothing beats a little bit of local knowledge from the people who already live there.

Borrow within your means

It pays to have some money to set aside for a deposit when you’re looking to buy a house. It will not only make it easier to secure a mortgage, but it will also mean that there is some equity in your property as soon as you buy it.  There are a range of different mortgages available, so take some to decide which one might be right for you. A mortgage broker or Independent Financial Advisor will be able to compare different mortgage deals on the market – but they will charge for their advice.

In general you will be able to get a mortgage with a deposit of between 5% – 20%, but the best deals are only sometimes available with a deposit of at least 25%. Since the credit crisis, lenders have been more cautious about who they lend to. So make sure you can meet the repayment demands, especially in the event that your circumstances change or if interest rates were to rise.

Consider renting

If you’re not ready to move yet and are still saving for a deposit, or if you decide that owning a home isn’t right for you, then renting is still a sensible option. An increasing number of people are choosing to rent and the range of rented accommodation on offer is better than ever. Over a fifth of 35-44 year olds prefer the freedom of renting. The benefits are that it is usually cheaper than owning and bills are more predictable too. With fewer outgoings you will be able to save money. Renting also offers flexibility in that you will be able to move between properties relatively quickly as compared to owning. The same tips for house hunting still apply to the rental market so be sure to shop around before you settle on the home you want.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is supposed to be a memory that you cherish for many, many years. It’s a memory that you’ll want to share with your children and their children. Your honeymoon should be just as romantic as the story you tell of how the two of you first met and fell and love, and how the proposal took place. But sometimes money can get in the way of things, slowly stripping away your ideals of what you wanted you honeymoon to be like initially. To help you save money for a memorable honeymoon, follow these tips.

Look for Last-Minute Deals

If you’re not aware of the last-minute deals that are offered for cruises, then you are definitely missing out. Those who would like to spend their honeymoon on a gorgeous cruise line can afford to do so if they don’t mind waiting until the last minute (which is typically weeks away from departure date) to book their tickets. Also, the room you get won’t likely have a view, but at least you get to enjoy all of the same things that everyone else does!

Book Your Travel through a Deal Site

You can find deals on hotels, rental cars and even airline tickets by using travel sites like By booking everything in one place, you save the headache of keeping track of everything. This type of site also allows you to shop for the best rates, so that you can go as cheap as you want, without sacrificing quality.

Take a Road Trip

If you don’t mind hitting the road with your new spouse, you can plan for a road trip getaway, rather than flying across the nation or world. Depending on where you live, the two of you can head to the mid-west or to the coast to enjoy beautiful beaches.


Your honeymoon is what you make of it. So keep in mind that it’s not about where you go, but who you’re going with — and that’s the love of your life. Enjoy your trip and nothing else will matter. To find further discounts for and other travel businesses, visit Groupon Coupons to browse through over 50,000 coupons.