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5 Surprising Benefits of Intimacy


Intimacy is a crucial aspect of human relationships, no matter what country, creed, religion, or race you belong to. It’s an action that bonds individuals by allowing a closeness that not many feel outside of it. Not only does it give the participants the ability to show how much they care about one another, but it also has several surprising health benefits as well.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

While it seems like this may be a no-brainer, being intimate with your partner does more than give you a boost in your cardiovascular health. Giving your heart the optimum workout while sharing those special moments with your special someone helps to boost your heart’s endurance. The heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out thoroughly in order to remain healthy. For those who enjoy the challenge of getting a decent workout with your significant other while still remembering to breathe and share exquisite moments of their lives with them, creating an intimate moment is the way to go.

Engaging in intimate acts also helps to drop your blood pressure. Studies have shown, for those who engage in regular intimate activities, the ability to handle several different stressors that contribute to an overbearing blood pressure level showed greater promise than those who only engaged occasionally or not at all.

Kick-Starts Immunity

Yes, intimacy can create a bond between people and potentially protect the cardiovascular system. However, it can do a lot more than that. Intimate moments can also send your body’s production of Immunoglobin A (IgA) into overdrive. IgA is a bacteria-fighting, infection-killing, cold-preventing antibody that resides within each and every one of us. While some studies still remain unclear as to how this antibody is sent into higher production during intimacy, the proof is still deep within the pudding.

Increases the Happy

Surprise, surprise! Intimate moments can create serious spikes in the Oxytocin levels in your brain. With this quick jolt and huge spike, those who engage in intimate activities have the ability to endure extra pain do to the release of this chemical. They can also sleep better, feeling more satisfied after sleeping for a few hours after engaging.

Oxytocin is a chemical that’s released after eating copious amounts of chocolate, petting a puppy, or being intimate. It’s the chemical in our brains that makes us feel and sense that everything, everywhere, is going to be perfectly fine and that we have nothing to worry about. This chemical is a much-coveted one by those with insomnia or certain anxieties. If you suffer from either of these ailments, perhaps it’s time to boost your intimacy levels with your partner.

Gives Youthfulness

Because the act of being intimate with your partner releases the male and female hormones that make us male or female, it can have a severe impact on the aging process. By releasing these chemicals into the body, individuals have had the ability to put a stop to the increasing amount of wrinkles, have softer skin, brighter eyes, and a less haggard appearance.

Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

For the ladies who wish to have more intimate moments with their significant other, here’s another case you can argue. By creating an intimate moment, women can flex their Kegel muscles. By flexing the Kegel muscles, they can make the experience that much more pleasurable while also making it strengthening their ability to have superior control over things such as the bladder. Having stronger Kegels allows individuals to also control the different activities that are being tried during intimate moments while making the whole experience as a whole more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Issues with Intimacy

While intimate activities grant many people both pleasure and benefits, there are still roadblocks and hurdles that need to be overcome by several other people in order for them to enjoy the same benefits. Some individuals face the inability to physically perform. Don’t fret, there are ways around this issue. You can go to your doctor and have a chat about it. Bear in mind that they may prescribe some type of medication, although you’ll have a range of options if you ask. Avanafil clinical trials, for instance,  have shown serious promise in treating prostatectomy patients’ erectile dysfunction issues.

Another main issue is lack of drive. Some people feel as though they have no drive, or that their libido needs a quick boost. It’s not as hard as a lot of people may think. Often, the libido is simply responding to a dietary issue or to the stressors of every day life. It you were to tweak your diet by eating libido-increasing foods and find a way to put the kibosh on stressors, you can turn that negative around.

With these issues clear out of the way, there’s not telling what other benefits being intimate can provide for both you and your partner!


Author Bio: Samantha Ducati is a loving wife and a mother of 2. She loves reading and writing so much that during her free time she writes about anything and  believes that a pen is mightier than a sword.

Go Off the Grid for Your European Vacation

Sure, you can take a vacation to a foreign country and stay in luxury hotels and be part of a tour group, but then you only get the safe, touristy view of the country.  That’s fine if you want a one dimensional view, but to truly see what a country is like, you need to live like the locals and experience the local culture.

This might be difficult in countries where not many people speak English, but in many European countries, plenty of people speak English so it’s easy to get around, especially some place like England or Ireland.

If you want to take an off the grid vacation, consider utilizing these techniques:

1.  Plan your vacation with an off the beaten path guidebook.  There are some guidebooks that specifically seek to take tourists to destinations not visited by many.  This is the kind of book you want to use to plan your trip.  You’ll likely be taken to anything from offbeat to macabre to other types of destination.  You’re vacation won’t be boring, that’s for sure, and you likely won’t have to wait in line!

2.  Join an online group.  You can join an online group for people who have either been to the country or live in the country.  You may hear of adventures and trips that are far from mainstream such as those you’ll find on which offers online dating in the UK (and even sex dating, if that’s your interest).  Be prepared to hear of all sorts of alternative destinations, and only choose those you truly feel comfortable with.

3.  Find alternative housing arrangements.  Don’t bother with fancy hotels.  Instead, consider staying in a hostel or even trading homes with someone who wants to visit the United States when you’re visiting their country.  This is a great way to get free housing.

4.  Keep your plans loose.  The best way to travel is often to keep your plans loose.  Arrive in the country and then get busy asking the locals what there is to do and see.  Also, asking the locals is the best way to find excellent restaurants and pubs.  If you’re visiting a pub, you could likely ask the patrons for their recommendations for fun things to do.

Travel doesn’t have to be stifling and boring.  Take advantage of some of these tips and have a vacation like you’ve never had before.

20 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples to Make

We’re only a few days away from 2013, and it’s the perfect time to make some resolutions. If you’re an item, you shouldn’t make the resolutions on your own. Involve your significant other in the quest to not only a better “me”, but a better “we”. Resolutions are ultimately goals at the end of the day, and all of your goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. If you want even SMARTER goals, make them engaging and be sure to reward yourself. Here’s 20 New Year’s Resolutions to help you become a better couple in 2013:

  1. End bad habits: Let’s face it; some of the most promised resolutions are to end bad habits. From smoking and drinking, to being overly critical and constantly late, we all have bad habits we need to break. However, habits are learned behaviors. If you’ve been doing something for year, it’s not going to stop overnight. You’ll need the support of your significant other to end these bad habits.
    SMART[ER] Example: Reduce drinking to twice a week socially by June, and get to purchase a personalize wine glass or beer mug.
  2. Commit to a healthier lifestyle: Another biggie on millions of people’s list this year is committing to a healthier lifestyle. This could mean losing weight, exercising more, or starting a new diet. Spouses, please note that diet sabotage is hurting the love of your life. Temptation can get the best of someone who’s trying to be healthier. Go to the gym with your husband. Eat a healthier dinner with your wife.
    SMART[ER] Example: Walk 5 miles three times a week, and finally buy that new iPod nano for music on the go.
  3. Cook more, eat out less: We are a fast food nation, full of trans fat, sodium, and sugar. Not only is it interfering with our bodies, but it’s affecting our bank accounts as well. If there’s something you just love from the local burger joint, make it a goal to find out how you and your love can make a healthier (and possibly more tasty) version at home. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach in many cases. You appreciate a home cooked meal a lot more than something that came in a greasy paper bag anyways.
    SMART[ER] Example: Make a home cooked meal 4 nights a week for one month, and get to splurge at your favorite restaurant at the end of the month.
  4. Slow down!: We’re living in times of go, go, go! We’re always on the move, we’re always in a rush, we’re always trying to cram 36 hours of activities in a 24 hour day, and sometimes we miss the present. Both of you should commit to slowing down, and not being in such a rush. Take a breather.
    SMART[ER] Example:  Schedule 10 minutes out of your day to breathe and gather your thoughts, and have a more refreshed feeling when continuing your day.
  5. TTC: Babies are such a joy and a blessing! If you’ve been having baby fever and you’ve crossed off all the things on your baby bucket list, you should consider 2013 as the year to try to conceive. This is not a decision to come to on your own, and definitely should be something you discuss in depth with your spouse. Are you ready for a child, both emotionally and financially? If you guys are ready, go for it!
    SMART[ER] Example: Try to conceive by the end of the year. Your baby is the best reward!Trying to Conceive
  6. Time out: Again, we’re always on the go, and sometimes we never take a break. Make it a point to have some time to yourselves, away from the stresses of the world. A vacation is sometimes much needed and well deserved. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip to the Bahamas for 7 days. It could be as simple as a local getaway for a weekend.
    SMART[ER] Example: Plan and schedule a 2-7 day getaway, and enjoy a great time away from the daily grind, where you can connect with each other.
  7. Go on more dates: Couples are on such a whirlwind in the beginning of their relationship, then quickly find themselves in a slump. Routine replaces the spark, people get busy, and people get bored. Make it your mission to go on more dates in 2013. It can be a simple dinner and a movie, a trip to the science center, or enjoying a concert at the park.
    SMART[ER] Example: Schedule a date night once a month, and finally get to go places you’ve been dying to go to.
  8. Make a big deal out of celebrations: Think of all the things to celebrate throughout the year. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries should not be just another day. We all deserve a bit of hype every once in a while. This year, make a big to-do out of celebrations. Have a party, do some decorating, cook a feast. You only live once, so make the best out of these times together.
    SMART[ER] Example: Plan a surprise party for your wife or husband’s birthday, and put a smile on his or her face.
  9. Be spontaneous: Spontaneity goes out the window once you’ve been with someone for a long time. We become predictable, going to the same places, doing the same things. Be more spontaneous this year, and do something completely out of the ordinary. Obviously, we ask that you stay safe and be smart (just the plain old smart) about your decisions.
    SMART[ER] Example: Commit to saying “yes” to something you usually say “no” to twice a month, and get to feel that adrenaline rush.
  10. Do a surprise makeover: Have you been wearing the same clothes and the same hairstyle for the past 5 years? It’s time to switch it up. You’ve seen plenty of makeover shows to know that a new style can almost make someone a new person. Surprise your lady or man with a new look and see what they think.
    SMART[ER] Example: Get your hair styled differently to surprise your spouse, and buy a new outfit to match your new look.Couple Celebrating
  11. Meet more couples: I’ve been wanting more married friends for a while now, and I plan to find them in 2013. Having couples to hang out with is fun, and gives you a chance to connect and relate on different levels than you can with your single friends. If you’re having a hard time finding other married couples, you can always join Marriage Chat to meet some.
    SMART[ER] Example: Find 2 couples to hang out with on a monthly basis, and form new friendships.
  12. Fight fair: Many people say you shouldn’t go to sleep angry, and that arguments are red flags, but in reality, every healthy relationship has disagreements. A resolution that should be on everybody’s list is to fight fair. No below the belt blows, things you know your spouse is sensitive about. Don’t bring up past arguments. Stay in the present, try not to yell, and no throwing around the D word.
    SMART[ER] Example: During your next argument, give yourself a time limit. If things aren’t resolved in that time, call a time out and revisit it later, when you’ve both had time to cool off.
  13. Give back: We could all stand to give back a little. Whether it’s volunteering our time with an organization, or donating money to a charity, it’s something a couple should do together. Find a cause that you’re both passionate about, and decide how the both of you want to help. You can even start your own non-profit organization!
    SMART[ER] Example: Volunteer 1 hour a week at your favorite organization, and use it as quality time spent together.
  14. Reminisce: We’re so focused on the future some times, and stuck on the present, that we forget how good we had it way back when. Remember when you first met? Your first date? Your first road trip? Sit down together and remember the good times. Allow those old feelings to come back and warm your heart.
    SMART[ER] Example: Bust out that old photo album once a month and take a trip down memory lane. You can even try to recreate those memories.
  15. Follow a budget: Aww, grown up stuff! Budgeting doesn’t sound like much fun, but increasing your net worth can be! Take a day to go over your finances from 2012, see where you can improve, set goals, and go for them in 2013. Maybe you want to get out of debt, or possibly start your own business. Budgeting is going to help you achieve those goals.
    SMART[ER] Example: Increase your savings by $300 every month for 6 months, and use that money towards a home renovation.Start a Budget
  16. Recommit: You know your spouse loves you, and your spouse knows that you love them. Your family and friends probably know this too. 2013 is a great year to recommit. If you’re already married, plan a vow renewal celebration. Make it an intimate ceremony or invite your family and friends. How about on your upcoming anniversary?
    SMART[ER] Example: Renew your vows on your anniversary and fall in love with your husband or wife all over again.
  17. Declutter: Living together, you start to acquire a lot of…stuff. From furniture, to documents, to keepsakes, to things we don’t even need, sometimes we have to declutter. If it’s time to move, you’ll have to do this anyways. If you’re staying put, come up with a way to get rid of the things you don’t need.
    SMART[ER] Example: Pick one day to do some “spring cleaning” and trash, donate, and organize your things.
  18. Make new memories: We talked about remembering the good ol’ days, but what about making new good ol’ days? In 2013, I plan on making a lot of new memories, and documenting them better. You can start a personal blog or even start a scrapbook!
    SMART[ER] Example: Take a picture of you and your spouse every week, and save the pictures to view in your future.
  19. Have more sex: More sex, more fun, more happiness! Who doesn’t want to have sex? (That’s a rhetorical question). Some say that scheduling sex is weird, but it can be a lot of fun, knowing you’re going to be intimate with your spouse later on. Think about how much sex you’ve had recently, and try to up the ante. Try new moves, set the mood, and enjoy each other.
    SMART[ER] Example: Make plans to have sex at least twice a week, and enjoy the health benefits it provides.
  20. Communicate and compromise: You can’t always get your way, and your significant other can’t always read your mind. Try to keep this in mind in 2013. Work on your communication skills, including your love languages, and sacrifice something you want once in a while for something your spouse wants.
    SMART[ER] Example: Do something your spouse wants to do that you’re not particularly fond of. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.

Now you’re armed with plenty of New Year’s resolutions to implement in your relationship. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be an epic year, not just for us, but for couples everywhere! Let’s strive to make this the best year of marriage yet!

Originally published December 27, 2011.