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Healthy Lunch for One: Grilled Salmon, Baby Spinach, and Brown Rice

Whose New Year’s resolution included being healthier, including eating more nutritious meals and losing weight? Yeah, I added it back to my list from 2011 and over to 2012. No shame! Sometimes things get in the way and sometimes motivation leaves us when other things come up. One way I plan on losing weight andContinue Reading

2012 Goal: Batch Cooking

2011 showed me about my relationship with food. We’ve eaten a lot of fast food and weren’t eating as healthy as we could. While my husband may not have seen many of the consequences, I certainly have. My weight has continued to climb and my health has declined. While exercising is certainly going to beContinue Reading

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

You know what happens when you’re hungry, don’t want fast food, and have food in your kitchen that’s dying to be used? You get creative. And that’s exactly what I did yesterday. I wanted something delicious, and I decided to wing it. What came out was an Italian restaurant worthy dish that I dubbed CreamyContinue Reading