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Money Matters – Trade Together / Stay Together

Here, you have a chance to learn new investment tips, find out the right time to place orders for buying and selling, and the most relevant reason being making a bit of of money.  Most of the time people prefer not to combine trading with personal life. However, there are tonnes of benefits that come with doing online trading together as a married couple. This is a perfect way to get more time to spend with your spouse and even potentially make a little money, all in the comfort of your home.

Elimination of Stress

Trading at times can be a stressful venture. However, when you feel that you have your partner’s back; it significantly reduces the stress levels. Considering that online trading is somewhat easier than other forms of trading, you have the opportunity to trade better now that you do not have to cope with the difficult moments that come with trading alone.

Lower Burnout Chances

There are times that trading might not be in your favour. During such times, there are high chances of burning out if you are trading alone. However, when trading as a couple, the burnout chances are reduced. You both get into this together. Therefore, no one feels the need to explain any loss. Considering that online trading is also cheaper since there is no brokerage involved, chances of losing too much at once are reduced.

Commonly, trading goes hand in hand with intuition. When two people are involved in it, they discuss their intuitive feelings and only deal when both of them are satisfied. This greatly reduces the chances of losing and, in turn, reduces pressure.

Offers More Investor Control

As an online trader, you can trade whenever you want. Being a couple, you have time to do more things. Considering that online trading allows almost instantaneous transactions, couples can trade at their most convenient times. It is even better since the couple can have turns trading, especially if both understand the basics of it correctly.

Also, the investing couple does not have to depend on brokers. Thus, they can review all their available options to get the best bets that are present for their money.

Better Engagement and Real-Time Monitoring of Investments

There is more engagement for the married couple doing online trading. With the advanced interfaces that offer investors the opportunity to see the performance of their money throughout the day, it means better communication and engagement levels for the couple.

Coming up with the decision to do online trading as a married couple means that you are now sharing your financial obligations. There is nothing much to hide from each other. Mostly, people typically hide their financial trading activities from their partners. With this arrangement, everything is out in the open, and all your financial issues are also available for the other person to see.

Online trading as a married couple is another sure way to strategize as one on what to buy and what to sell. In the long-haul, there will be no fights about how money was spent. You have the chance to decide together the type of account that you will open for your online trading and you also decide how big or low to bid and mostly deal better.

Budget Balancing

Another benefit that comes with online trading as a couple is you build a budget that works for both of you. In turn, your expenses are sorted out without fighting about it. You are both involved in the process of trading; and so, everyone knows just how much is earned and how much is lost. There is, therefore, less drama while dealing with regular expenses.

There are numerous online trading tools offered by brokerage firms such as on the CMC Markets website. As a married couple, if you’re not highly experienced and you are looking at the possibilities of joining the online trading market, these tools are your perfect bet. The processes are now user-friendly, giving every trader an equal chance on the trading platform. So, if you are new or experienced as a couple, the solution is out there.

Should You Buy a Beach House?

One of my dreams is to spend more time travelling after I get out of debt. I already have a wish-list of places I want to visit and things I want to do. I’ve even dreamed about what my budget will look like once I’m debt free. (Hint: I’m not going to need nearly as much income every month as I have to earn now to cover my living expenses and debt payments.)

Even though I want to travel and I won’t have debt to worry about anymore, I still want to save money wherever I can. One of the most common travel tips to help you save money is to rent a villa, condo, or house when you go on vacation instead of staying at a hotel.

Renting one of these places usually has a cheaper price tag, more space for you and your guests, and they usually have a full-sized kitchen you can use to prepare meals so you don’t have to eat out for every meal of the day. This alone can save you tons of money on a multi-day trip.

But should you ever buy a beach or vacation house?

I’ve looked at (and dreamed about) some houses for sale in Perth via Lend Lease. Some of them are quite beautiful and appear to be affordable. They might be even cheaper to own than to rent from someone else. But buying a beach or vacation house has downsides too.


When you are calculating the cost of buying a beach house, don’t forget about the cost of maintenance and repairs. You have more to pay for than the monthly mortgage when you buy a house, especially one by the beach. Saltwater is known to cause more wear and tear on a property, so you need to take that into account if you buy a beach house.

How Much You’ll Use It

If you haven’t done a lot of travelling it’s safe to say that buying a beach or vacation house probably isn’t the best idea. For one you likely don’t have a place in mind that you’d want to visit multiple times throughout the year. If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t buy property there unless you plan to rent it out to other visitors to help you make the mortgage payments and pay for the property maintenance costs.

Renting your beach house to visitors could be lucrative, but you’ll probably need to consider the additional costs too, like paying someone to manage it for you if you don’t live close by, and paying a cleaning crew to tidy the place up between renters. Also many beach communities have a busy season and a slow season. It might be difficult to rent out your beach house during the slow season, and you might find yourself reluctant to stay at the beach house yourself during the busy season when rental demand for your property is high.

These are all things that need to be considered before you decide to invest in a beach or vacation house. Buying such a property could be a good investment and a way to save money on your vacations, but it could end up being very costly to you too.

Do you plan to buy a beach or vacation house?

Paying Stamp Duty Feels Like a Punishment for Moving House

In most parts of Australia, real estate prices are through the roof. It’s one thing to pay market value for a home; having to pay even more on top of that is a whole other matter. After paying so much money to own even a very modest house, most buyers are irked by having to pay stamp duty. Indeed, the tax seems like nothing short of a punishment in most instances. That’s especially true when you consider its origins versus what it’s ostensibly used for today. Should the stamp duty on real estate purchases be eliminated? Most Australians would respond with a resounding yes.

In the earliest days, the stamp duty that was assessed on real estate transactions was used to cover the costs of filing and stamping the associated paperwork. At that point, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and it wasn’t all that expensive. Times have changed, though. These days, most Australian states and territories generate huge amounts of revenue by collecting the tax from home buyers, and the money is used for much more than filing and stamping paperwork. In fact, it could be argued that much of what’s collected isn’t used for real estate matters at all.

First home buyers tend to have the hardest time buying real estate in Australia. House prices are sky high, and those just starting out don’t often have a lot of money at their disposal. After scrimping and saving for years to amass a decent deposit on their first home, young people are thrown for a loop upon realizing that they’ll also need to come up with a considerable percentage of the value of their new home to cover the stamp duty. Sure, most territories and states waive huge portions of the duty for first home buyers; some offer concessions that eliminate it entirely. Still, asking those with limited means to come up with even more money in order to buy their first homes is hitting below the belt.

Will the stamp duty for real estate purchases ever go away? Considering how much state and territorial governments rely on the revenue that seems highly unlikely. Still, adjustments can and should be made. Rather than charge a percentage of the total value of a very expensive home, for instance, the duty could be a flat rate that’s a lot more reasonable. Whether any changes ever happen, however, is a whole other matter.