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Yesterday, my mom and I went to go see my cousin’s new born baby. She was absolutely beautiful! I instantly fell in love. This new addition was particularly special, as my cousin lost his sister last year, and it was very hard on all of us (including me). Not that the baby replaced her, but it was just so heart warming to have her welcomed into the family. She even has my deceased cousin’s middle name as hers, so it’s almost like a part of her is still with us. In any case, this is not the first cousin of mine to have a baby. If you recall, two of my cousins had babies on the same day. A classmate also just recently gave birth. In other words, I’m surrounded by bundles of joy!

Being surrounded by all these precious beings is constantly putting the thought in my mind to have one of my own. No, they’re not accessories. They are humans relying on you for everything for years and years. Babies need a lot of things, and I know it takes a lot to prepare for a baby. Hubby and I have talked about when would be the “right time” but honestly, there’s never a perfect time for a baby. I’m on birth control, but things still happen.

If it were up to me, and it pretty much is for the most part, I would like to accomplish a few things before enduring the lovely pain of childbirth that Eve left for us women to suffer through. I call it the Baby Bucket List: things to do before becoming a mom. I tried hard to think of another word other than “bucket” since that’s there in reference to kicking the bucket, but you get the picture. Ideally, we’d like to have a baby within the next 2-3 years, but it may happen sooner or later than that timeline. Here are the things on my Baby Bucket List:

  • Get out of debt: Ugh, self explanatory much? I don’t want to spend my money paying for things I should’ve had the money for in the first place when there’s a beautiful baby I could spend that money on instead.
  • Build an emergency fund: Babies are expensive enough without having to worry about an emergency coming up suddenly. I know how it feels to not have an emergency fund when you need it. Not fun.
  • Buy a house: I would love to be a homeowner before my child is born. Owning a home, for me, would mean that I’m comfortable enough having my child grow up in the same home from birth until they move out on their own. I moved a few times in my childhood, but there was 1 home I grew up in from 5-15 which I loved. I want to give my children a similar stability.
  • Get my degree: Good ol’ education is still a priority on my list of things to do. I should be finished with my degree in 2014. A BA would be sufficient enough for me, but I’ll consider going to graduate school if time permits and I’m not burned out.
  • Write a book: Doesn’t have to be a Harry Potter series or anything, but I am working on an eBook with a few concepts for more. I want to be able to say I’m an author by the time I lay out on a table with my feet in stirrups, squeezing the life out of hubby’s hand. It might calm down the contractions. “I am an author….AHHHHH!”
  • Vacation: I want to vacation with the hubby by ourselves at least once before we have to either pack them along, diapers and strollers in tow, or dropping them off at Granny’s house. Let us enjoy at least one vacation. We’re going (God willing) on a vacation soon so this could be crossed off pretty quickly lol.
These are the main things I want to accomplish. What was/is on your Baby Bucket List? What should I add? Article originally published August 23, 2011.

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  1. All good ideas, but why not wait longer than that since you are so young?  I married at 26 but waited until age 35 to have a child and have never regretted that special time we had bonding so well together before actively deciding to bring a child into the world.

    • We want to have them before our 30s. No real reason, just came to that conclusion pretty early on. Plus, we don’t know how much longer his dad has, and want to bless him with grandkids :)

  2. I like that list — I definitely want to be a published author before I have a child. Writing will be a heck of a lot harder with a toddler in the house.

    I like that you’re taking one vacation, but I’d encourage you to take several before you have your baby. Travel is a great way to broaden your perspective and get to know different aspects of the world — and that perspective will be a valuable thing to teach your little one. Of course, once Baby turns 5 or 6, its even better to take him/her to new places …

  3. Great bucket list! Take a few vacations. We just celebrated 1 year of marriage and are TCC as of when when hit the 1 year mark. We have a cruise planned in a few weeks and I am thinking I want to take a few more before kids!

  4. This babies pretty but its this girl on facebook saying shes hers i knew it wasnt true so i looked it up and look what i find proff that this isnt her babie

  5. Looks like an awesome list – I’d have to agree with @Paula_at_AffordAnything:disqus you should go on tons of vacations – it’s really nice to get some alone time! You can expand your mind like she said, but dont think you need to go out of the country to do so. California is a big place with lots of different things in there – poke around, you’ll definitely find something you’re unfamiliar with

  6. Another item to add to your list – make sure you have the right insurance plans in place before getting pregnant so you don’t lose your emergency fund, and fall back into debt.

    Make sure to have a health plan that covers maternity, and has a small hospital deductible (you plan on using the benefit, so the extra premium cost is offset). Supplemental insurance can replace income and make cash payments for hospital stays.

    These policies have to start prior to conception.

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