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I’m Being Audited – What Should I Do?

Being audited can be intimidating, but the truth is it’s often innocent mistakes that landed you in this situation—that doesn’t make it any less convenient. If it’s your first time being audited, you’re likely confused about next financial steps. There are measures you can take to make the process as painless as possible. Read on… Continue Reading

Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

When it comes time to give a gift to your bestie, you want to knock it out of the park. Whether you grew up together or you’re relatively new friends, you don’t want to phone it in gift-wise. A present for someone you care about should have meaning behind it, so a customized gift is… Continue Reading

Is It a Good Time to Become a Landlord?

Deciding whether or not to be a landlord is no easy decision. With a good amount of real estate knowledge, dedication, and preparation, it can be lucrative and rewarding. Without these things, however, this undertaking can easily go south. If you’ve been wondering, “Is now a good time to become a landlord?”, we can help… Continue Reading