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Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra Review

Simple Wishes Hands free nursing braWhen you are a nursing mom, anything you can get or have that makes your life easier is necessary.  Especially a something that allows you to multi task while you have to spend all that time pumping. If you have nursed a baby you know that you just HAVE to pump if you want to every have the opportunity to leave the baby with someone else, and these days pumps have gotten more advanced. With those advancements in the pump we needed an advancement in a bra that would allow you to pump hands free. Luckily the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra  is here to help.

The Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra ($39) gives moms the valuable gift of time by freeing up their hands for other tasks or allowing them to simply relax while using their breast pump. The patented design is adjustable in size, using high quality Velcro, to sustain a perfect fit over time as a nursing mother’s size changes. Straps and 1” Center Panel included to help achieve the perfect fit ! The Hands Free Pumping Bra comes in two colors. Black and Pink!

If you have used a pump you know how limited you are with your hands. You are pretty much stuck there holding both bottles while you pump. I personally used that time to try to watch some TV but if we are honest the noise of the pump makes that somewhat difficult. With the hands free pumping bra you are given your hands back. I think you have to be pretty masterful to walk around with it, but you definitely can have your hands to read, use your phone, or sit with another child who wants your attention.

When it comes to anything baby related, or nursing/maternity related I think we can all agree that most things aren’t necessities. But in my opinion your sanity is what is most important and if a product out there makes your life even the slightest bit easier I say it’s worth the dollars it costs to get it. $39 is a drop in the bucket to get some ease back in the rough pumping phase of motherhood.

I found this bra comfortable and easy to use. The Simple Wishes website ( offers a few bras to choose from so be sure to check them out! You will be happy to get your hands back!

Marriage and Bank Accounts – Separate, Joint, or Both?

Marriage brings about many changes. One such way in which life changes is in how finances are handled. Many newlyweds choose to share a bank account, while just as many opt to maintain separate finances. Which one is the better choice, though?

The Upside of Sharing a Bank Account

There are advantages to sharing a joint account with your spouse. Primarily, getting bills paid on time is much easier, because all of your cash is stored in the same place. This means you never have to guess as to how much you have to spend. Being aware of the full financial picture is essential for each partner to contribute to the marriage and to avoid accidental overspending.

Couples who do not share joint accounts often spend more money than they have. This leads to pressing debts that may make it necessary to borrow from a lender. While it’s good to know loans are available from sites like, it’s far better to not need them in the first place. Instead, each partner gets access to a single joint account. This means they get their own checks and debit card, in addition to having the authority to deposit and withdraw funds.

Another advantage in sharing bank accounts is in having access to the funds in the event of an emergency. If one spouse dies or becomes ill in a way that renders him or her unresponsive, the other spouse still has access to their shared accounts. Where a couple does not have joint accounts, the surviving spouse may have to go through a lengthy court battle to get access to his or her partner’s separate accounts.

The Pros of Maintaining Separate Bank Accounts

There may be just as many advantages to maintaining separate bank accounts. For couples who marry later in life, they may prefer the independence of keeping their own bank accounts. For them, it isn’t an issue of trust as much as it is a point of doing things the way in which they have grown accustomed. They may just be more comfortable with their routine.
Additionally, studies have found that couples who maintain separate bank accounts fight less over money. This is partly because neither spouse feels compelled to defend his or her spending habits. In many cases, each person in a couple spends, but they may do it differently. By operating his or her own account, each spouse can be free to spend according to his or her own habits.

Finally, separate bank accounts may actually strengthen a relationship, because it forces more communication. Instead of one spouse simply paying the bills out of a joint account, the couple must work out how to spend and budget together. Each partner shares what he or she has and together they work out a plan to pay their debts.

In the end, it’s a personal choice for each couple. Certainly there are disadvantages and advantages to either joint or separate accounts. This is something most couples discuss at the start of their union. They choose for themselves which route to take, based on what is most important to them.

How to Start Saving Money

Everyone has been there, you are paying your monthly bills or want to do something special but you just don’t have the money to do it. You wish you saved money instead of spend it! Where do you start and how do you begin? Besides getting a second job or winning money on Icy Wilds Slot, below are some starting points to help you get on your feet and on your way to saving.

Savings Account

The first simple step to saving is to open a savings account. Savings accounts are meant to sit there and save your money in the bank so you don’t spend it. Some accounts offer interest which allow you to make money by it just sitting there. This first step will allow you to be capable of even putting money aside from your everyday spending and bills.

Automatic Withdrawal

Once a savings account is established, set up an automatic withdrawal. An automatic withdrawal is when you instruct your bank or financial institution to withdraw money from your account automatically and put it in your savings. You can do it on whatever timeline you prefer (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and by doing it automatically, it forces you to do it and doesn’t require you to take any action. You could be saving money and not even know it. Nothing is better than looking at your savings account statement and see a sum that has been accruing for some time and you now have the money you need! The key here is that it is OK to start off small. No amount is too little. Even if it is $5 a week or $25 a month, it will add up over time and amount into something.

Change your Spending Habits

Another step to saving money is to change your spending habits. This can be in the form of your bills but also your everyday spending. It is very possible to save money on your bills just by reviewing them and making a few key decisions. Are you being charged properly? Are there better/cheaper plans? Do you really need the service? You can also look at what you are spending your money on and ask the same questions. Do you need to buy all of the food you buy? How can you save on food/clothes/entertainment? Saving money on shopping can go a long way.

Consolidate Debt

Consolidating your debt (loans and credit cards) can be helpful for many reasons to save money. It allows you to have all of the money you owe in one place/bill and sometimes you may even be able to get a better interest rates or rewards if it is a credit card.

Eat at Home

Our final tip is an easy one, eat in your own home. By dining out and going out for drinks you are spending way more money than you would at home. By yourself a nice steak dinner at the grocery store and you will spend probably ½ what it costs at a restaurant. Same with alcohol, you can buy a single bee at a bar for what a six pack costs. It is best to stay in if you want to save.

Follow these simple tips to begin your money saving journey.