10 First Dance Wedding Songs

After the amazing bliss that is the moment you say “I Do”, your guests will wait to see you and your new hubby take to the dance floor to share a dance together. The past couple of years have shown awesome first dances as surprises, with full on choreography, making the crowd go wild. For those who are more traditional and would love to slow dance, I went through my iTunes and found 10 beautiful love songs to sway to for your first dance.

Aaliyah – At Your Best

You’re a positive motivating force within my life. Should you ever feel the need to wonder why, let me know.

Alicia Keys – That’s How Strong My Love Is

Through the shake of an earthquake, I will never fall. That’s how strong my love is.

Beyonce – 1+1

Baby we ain’t got nothing without love. Darling you got enough for the both of us.

Chrisette Michele – Love Is You

Love’s like a kiss when the sun goes down. Holds me tight when no one’s around. Love’s what I want to hold on to. Love is you.

Jaheim – Heaven in My Eyes

When I look in your eyes, I can’t believe you’re mine. Let’s just take our time. Your love’s just like heaven in my eyes.

Jill Scott – The Way

Is it the way you love me baby?

John Legend – Cloud 9

Baby since the day you came into my life, you made me realize that we were born to fly

Justin Timberlake – Until the End of Time (there’s also a remix with Beyonce)

Cause if your love was all I had in my life, that would be enough until the end of time

Kem – Share My Life

Makes any difference, I still love you girl. You’re my weakness, you changed my world

Usher – Here I Stand

You’re the blessing I never thought I would get. And to the Lord I humbly bow my head

What did you dance to for your first dance? What are some other beautiful songs for weddings?

10 Responses to 10 First Dance Wedding Songs

  1. After I met my wife-to-be, we didn’t start dating right away.  We chatted every now and then, and in fact she dated someone else.  After that ended, she asked if I wanted to go with her to a concert she had bought tickets before the break-up.  I said sure, and after the concert is when we started to get closer.  The concert was for Lonestar, so for a few years that was ‘our band’ and we went to see them every year.  Our wedding song was ‘Amazed’.  We strongly considered ‘I’m Going To Love You’ by Keith Urban.  That was the song we used to open up the dancing to everybody and we also made it the song that opens the wedding video we had done.

  2. Now I’m in a romantic mood! My wife and I danced to Warren Zevon (w/Emmylou Harris) “Please Stay.” I don’t think most people at our wedding had ever heard it before. The song is important because it sticks in your memory forever.

  3. I love so many on your list. “Here I Stand” by Usher is truly one of my favorite love songs and now that you mention it, not a bad choice for a first dance. Enjoyed this post!

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