Is Your Spouse Spending too Much?

There are so many things that go into making a marriage successful or not, many of which cannot be controlled by one person or another.  No matter who you ask on the subject, everyone agrees that marriage is a two way commitment that requires effort from both people to work successfully.  It can be applied in all aspects of marriage, one of them being money.  It is a tough subject no matter how it is brought up, but it should be discussed to make sure that it isn’t an elephant in the room.

Firstly, understand that when expenses are combined and accounts and joined together, both people are impacted by how the other person does financially.  This means that if your partner is spending a lot of money and has a bad credit history, yours is going to suffer as well.  It goes toward the idea that once you are linked financially, your troubles are shared with each other.  It’s something to think about when looking at opening joint accounts.  Is the other person in your relationship going to drag you down?  Are you going to drag him/her down?

Spending money is something that gets a lot of fights started because there is normally only one main earner out of two.  As such, the person who is acting more as the dependent will find that the main earner will be a little more tight over the money spent.  It is almost as if the main earner is setting an allowance for the other person in the relationship.  As you can imagine, this causes all sorts of problems.

If money is tight, there is a way to work together so that you don’t have to borrow money and you can move towards a solution together.  It’s, quite simply, roll up your sleeves and get to work at putting a plan together or with a professional like Alexander.  Just like a company, a relationship is going to have expenses that can be minimized or taken out all together.  By working together to find out what these expenses are, a person is going to be able to be closer to their partner and also find a way – together – to save some money and make sure that all of the issues regarding it and its usage are worked out.  Surprisingly, it’s a simple solution to an often huge problem in a marriage/

While there is no easy way to always have money going in the right direction it can be managed by simply making it a team effort.  Once both partners are involved in the process of making and/or organizing money and it uses for the better of both people, there is no main bread earner or finance guru.  There are just two people in a relationship that are working together to make the money work for everyone.

If the bottom line in your bank account is getting out of hand, see if working together on expenses and a financial plan will help.


Signs that your partner is spending too much money


Keeping an eye on your own spending can be difficult, especially if you like to impulse buy. But when it comes to your partner, it can often be difficult to monitor what they are spending without being controlling or intrusive. There are some signs, however, that your partner could be spending too much money:

You notice strange transactions on the account

If you have a shared account, you can easily monitor what is going in and coming out online, by logging in any time of day. If you start to notice transactions on the account which you can’t explain, it could possibly be your partner spending the money. If these transactions are taking you into the red, it might be best to approach your partner tactfully. Don’t approach the topic in an argumentative way, but try and adopt an open and honest dialogue with them.

Your credit history is poor

By linking yourself with your partner financially, whether this is with joint accounts, credit cards or your mortgage, your credit histories affect each other. If you notice yours seems poor, consider the impact your partner is having on you. Perhaps you should also consider severing your financial ties with them and managing money separately, to overcome this problem. The Money Advice Service also suggests these four options to manage money together:

  • Keep separate accounts
  • Share and manage everything as a couple
  • Share some responsibilities but keep some things private
  • The main earner pays their partner an ‘allowance’

Your partner seems shifty and on edge

Debt can cause stress. If your partner seems to be buying a lot and suffering with repaying the debt, it might be best to talk to them openly and honestly and try and tackle the problem together.

Firstly, you’ll want to stop the spending in its tracks. A new Wonga analysis suggest asking yourself three questions before every purchase, even small purchases. So, say to yourself, do I really need it? Can I afford it? And, what will it cost me overall? (Taking into account interest on a loan, etc.) Experts agree that by pausing before a purchase and asking yourself these questions, you can halt impulse decisions and take back control of your spending. You might also consider removing credit cards from your partner as a temporary measure and even suggesting moving all bills etc over to your own name. This means you can keep a check on spending to ensure that the debt doesn’t accumulate in the interim.

Secondly, you’ll want to address the stress that the debt is causing your partner. Seeking help from debt advice charities can help you to put a repayment plan in place that is realistic, and if the stress is really severe, you might consider hiring the help of a counsellor. They can help you address deeper emotional issues causing the spending. Usually in these cases, the spending is a bi-product of a larger ongoing problem.

Playing online games without ruing your marriage

Does your significant other complain that you play online games too much? Even though we may think that there’s nothing wrong with playing video games for a little bit after work to calm our nerves, spending too much time doing this activity can have a negative impact on our relationships. We all need stuff that relaxes us but, when gaming eats too much into our normal responsibilities, it may be time to look at some other options.

The thing, our partners don’t understand that playing these games often gives us a sense of Mastery and competence over something. A feeling that is lacking in other places in our lives, like at work. Furthermore, online gaming it’s fun.

The problem is that gaming and especially real money gaming that can be played at royal vegas online casino can easily become a habit i.e. something that we do just because it’s what we’re used to, etc. Plus, online gaming isn’t an activity that you can do in short burst. Most good games require hours of our time, it’s in their very DNA. But when our spouses are starting to clamor for our attention, a threshold may have been crossed.

Does any of this sound familiar? Need to learn how to you can restore your relationship and keep playing online games? Keep reading for more information.

Manage your time wisely

Let’s say that you typically play online games for 4 hours every day after work at royal vegas online casino. Instead of keeping on with this pattern, consider playing for 2 hours a day instead. In this way, you still get to play for a significant amount of time, plus your partner gets some free time to spend with you. That’s what’s called a win-win.

Get out the house once a week

Going outside once a week, even if it’s just to take a walk, will help improve your relationship. When you’re out of the house, you’re not playing online games, something that will be sure to make your spouse happy. Plus, once you get used to going out, you slowly break your reliance on the games for your sole form of entertainment.

Invite your spouse to play video games with you

If your partner is always complaining about how much time you spend playing online games, consider asking him or her to join you. Although this may not fix everything, at least you get to share a part of your favorite pastime with your significant other. And who knows? You may have gained a new gaming buddy and your partner may have found something new (like the many exciting casino slot games available online casinos) to do to pass the time.

Keep the lines of communication open

It’s important that you are honest with your spouse so that you can talk to him or her about what you need and vice versa. Also, make sure to take time out to show your spouse love and in a way that he or she understands. This means that you have to listen to what your partner has to say with open hearts and ears.

You may hear things like, he or she may not feel as if you’re spending enough time together or that they want to find things that you two can share. But, if your partner feels that you haven’t been connecting lately, it’s time to come together to build the marriage up.

Furthermore, once you start talking to each other about what you need, never accuse each other (this will automatically make the recipient defensive) instead make sure that you express your feeling clearly. Once you are able to accomplish that, the conversation will ease away from video games, and will become more about the connection between the two of you. And that’s something that your significant other undoubtedly wants to discuss.